SFL International Limited is engaged in all kinds of distributors, traders, dealers, exporters, importers, agents and to undertake and carry on anywhere in India or abroad any or all the trades and business of ginners, packers, balers, spinners, weavers, processors and manufacturers of all types of yarn, fibres, fabrics, cotton, synthetics, wool, silk, flax, hemp, jute, cellulose and non-cellulose products, nylon, polyester whether textile, netted or looped and also fibrous or textile substances.

To undertake and/or carry on anywhere in India or abroad all or any of the trades of business of altering, adding, bleaching, blending, carbonising, calendering, converting, colouring, curing, creeping, dyeing, doubling, dipping, dewatering, developing, enlarging, finishing, improving, knitting, knotting, manipulating, mercerising, making, printing, preparing, reconditioning, refining, sizing, scouring, sanforising, treating, twisting, thinning, texturising, watering, washing, of all type of garment which was mentioned above.

The Company has planned to expand its business activities in the area of Manufacturing, trading on all types of garments. And keen to expand it globally by setting up of units in different states.

The Company intend to develop it as a professionally managed company by expanding its branches & marketing network all over the country. The Company operates in the State of Gujarat and Maharashtra.